Fethiye Info     




Fethiye is a large, bustling town at the head of The Gulf of Fethiye. At the same time as being a popular tourist destination, Fethiye is a commercial centre in its own right.

The town is built on the ruins of Telmessos, the most important city of Lycian times and has also been called Anastasios and Megri in the intervening 2,500 years. Almost nothing of Telmessos survives, but you can see several large tombs carved into the cliffs above the town

Although the harbour is rather polluted - you will not want to swim here - the wide variety of shops, bars and restaurants makes this a recommended stop along the way. The restaurant at the daily fish market is especially to be recommended.

Alternatively, there are a number of smaller bays and coves that can be used for anchorages, depending on the wind direction

Towards evening, around sunset, you catch such a wonderful turquoise you can never see on any other seas. If you call it blue you are wrong, if you say it is green it is not that either but both together. It is difficult to put it into words. It is best if you go and see it for yourself and be hit by a lightening bolt!