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Set at the north-west end of the Gulf of Fethiye, Gocek is blessed with magnificent scenery.

 Backed by majestic mountains and substantial pine forests it looks out over the Twelve Islands, which provide shelter for Gocek's almost circular bay that has made the village such a perfect, natural harbor. 

Lured by such perfection, the yachting community has long made Gocek a favorite, and it is also a popular stop for gullet cruises. 

Perhaps this explains Gocek's impressive range of facilities for a place that remains so blissfully unspoiled: there are only a handful of small hotels and pensions, yet all along the wide, landscaped promenade that fringes the quayside, there are plenty of eateries, from simple cafes to excellent restaurants specializing in delicious fresh fish. In the back streets and around the old village square by the mosque, there is a surprising array of interesting craft shops.

From the harbor you can take boat trips around the Twelve Islands and a boat is also the natural choice of transport to reach Gocek's beaches, the nearest of which lies just a little further around the bay.

An enjoyable, 20-minute trip - which is provided daily free of charge for Simply Turkey guests - takes you to an immensely picturesque cove on Gocek Island, where you can feel like Robinson Crusoe for the day!